Technology does not stand still, it is a dynamic revolution with no end in sight…how does one capture any value when it is deemed no longer useful or in need of upgrading…the solution is simple…Assetrenew.

Welcome to Assetrenew a team of dedicated seasoned industry professionals with one purpose…to provide back to you a solution to recapture some of the original value back. We like to refer to it as “Value Recovery” and it simply a method for each one of our clients to receive value back for technology that can be up to 10 years in history.

The importance of technology in our life today is ever expanding and the need to remain current is always there.  By working with Assetrenew we will work with you to provide the highest value return, but also provide you total peace of mind by 100% ensuring each and bit of your data is eradicated forever. 

The mission we live and work by is to provide the greenest and most viable answer to ensure that yesterdays technology does not end up as landfill…we will provide you value back, make your data disappear, repurpose each and every asset, and most importantly commit that it will not end up as a problem for years to come…we are 100% landfill free. Each and every asset that gets returned to us is either repurposed or it follows strict and regulated government restrictions to be destroyed and made part of the circular economy.   

Let Assetrenew become a viable answer to your legacy asset needs and let us provide a solution that works exactly the way you desire.